Performance / Sound / Audio-Walk / Landscape

Since November 2020, there are of MFK regularly, live from the street green at the edge of the Ruhrschnellweg (A40), spontaneous soundscapes to listen. From our research on the western intersection of the highway 40, its sound and its special landscape, the site inspection & performance SONIC HIGHWAY was created. The premiere took place on 02. July 2021.

Under the influence of heavy road noise, we use various instruments to formulate a dis-harmonic response to the landscape that surrounds us. The highway roars, birds chirp, the stylophone is plugged in, the sun shines briefly, we make music.

SONIC HIGHWAY Site Visit & Performance
Concept, Performance, Production, Costume: MFK Bochum
Set-Design: Lars Blum & Milo Juráni
Documentation: Conny Leonhard

Starting point of SONIC HIGHWAY (Foto: Constantin Leonhard)
On the edges of the highway 40 (Foto: Constantin Leonhard)
Flute playing in front of Thyssen Krupp (Foto: Constantin Leonhard)
Hillside sounding (Foto: Constantin Leonhard)
Report (Foto: Constantin Leonhard)
Carhunting (Foto: Constantin Leonhard)
Noise map of Westkreuz
Noise map next to underpass
Next to underpass
Noise map of Tippelsberg

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