Residenz Recycling Embodiment PlaST

by MFK \\ 27. November 2021

Since the upheavals of the new pandemic circumstances, we have been impressed by the lightning-fast adaptation and translation of dance and performance into virtual spaces. And yet we have not entered the world of online production and creation of innovative artistic formats. We feel the new circumstances, despite possibilities of streaming and infinite availability of online space, as a state of closure. Communication, exchange of ideas, movement and sharing of spaces, discussion with colleagues can hardly take place physically for more than a year. Therefore, while watching online productions, we started to think about how to transform a purely visual experience of dance productions, from which the vibrations of moving bodies do not quite transfer to us, back to a real physical experience. As one option, we propose imitation, reproduction, and repetition, a recycled form of performance, so to speak. It is a speculative and quite mundane strategy in which the dance work originally transferred to video is recreated in aspects as a real physical and spatial experience. This not only creates an opportunity to rip the work from a two-dimensional form, but also to gain a physical and very intimate connection with it. In short, we want to consider how, at the same time, the conditions of dance-which is currently being re-institutionalized on the monitor for which it was cut-are reflected in the choreographies we have selected and subjected to an appropriation practice, and how they will influence future ones.

We look forward to returning in April 2022 with a show at the PlaST (Platform for contemporary Dance) in Nová Cvernovka.

Foto: MFK