"Muckis and Mucke" in Divadlo Pôtoň Bátovce

by MFK \\ 14. December 2022

MFK Bochum spends the last time of this year together in Bátovce. Here we digest the events of 2022 and prepare for what is to come. Upon arrival at Divadlo Poton, a dead mouse is stuck in the trap, we learn about the death of a resident of the village via the local radio, recorded sounds from outside resound from our synthesizers in the dark of the theater. The harmonium of an abandoned church, the accompanying dog in action, chants from the church service and rivers from arround. We work on moments of synchronization. Seeing each other again, meeting again, and cultivating, seeking, making connections towards us and our surroundings. In daily training we prepare for a dance piece with which we will premiere next year.